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Easy Label Printer 4.0

Prints addresses on sheets of labels with Google Contacts or CSV integration
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Easy Label Printer is a tool designed to print your contact addresses with your desired layout. It is especially useful for printing that information on detachable label sheets. In addition, the program is capable of importing your contact information directly from your Windows Address Book in Windows XP, or your Windows Contacts in Vista, though you can always add new addresses manually.

The program presents a simple and conservative user interface whose visual design, honestly, leaves a lot to be desired. Therein you can see the list of your contacts as loaded from Windows Address Book or Windows Contacts, but you can also load it from an existing CSV file. As stated before, you can also add new contact information manually; and once your list is ready, the program will also allow you to export it to CSV format.

The program manages contact lists and label lists separately, which may be hard to get used to at first. You can select one or more contacts from your contact list and add them to your label list, but there is also a button to add all of them to the label list at once. The program allows you to add new contact information directly to either your contact list or to the label list. Similarly, you can save your label list to a disk file and reopen it later, independently from the contact list files.

When your label list is ready you can proceed to print it, but for this purpose you should first go to the Settings window and configure the labels' layout. In the "Fonts" tab you can set the font, size, margin, alignment, and effects of your labels, while in the "Dimensions" tab you can configure the number of labels on a sheet and their position. When you get a decent layout configuration, you can also save it to disk to reuse it in the future.

Finally, the program allows you to manage categories for your contacts. This is a very helpful feature, as it lets you create a label list with only those contacts that belong to a specific category, thus saving you a lot of time. Unfortunately, even though this program can be used under Windows 7, it does not support importing Windows Live Mail contacts, for which you would need to export your contact list from that application first and then import it in Easy Label Printer.

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  • It can import your contacts from Windows Address Book or Windows Contacts automatically
  • You can add new contacts manually to both the contact and the label lists
  • Allows you to save and reopen your contact lists, label lists, and print layouts
  • Allows you to manage categories for your contacts


  • Poor visual design
  • Cannot import contacts from Windows Live Mail, which makes it not 100% compatible with Windows 7
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